Is Online Dating Safe? Get Some Dating Safety Insurance By Using These Safe Dating Tips

“Is online dating safe?” you wonder. What insurance do I have to keep me safe on an online dating date?

Online dating is one of the best ways in which you can meet with people you would otherwise not have met. The question that many will ask is; �is online dating safe?’ Most people have had great experiences through online dating but not all. The good news is you can have a wonderful online dating experience if you practice caution. By staying in charge, protecting yourself and of course having fun, your experience can be wonderful. The following tips will be of great help in ensuring that your online dating experience is safe;

1) Use a reputable dating siteno cost dating sites

You know what your needs are and what you are exactly looking for. There are several online no cost dating sites (e.g. some of them deal with youngsters in their twenties, others deal with seniors, others cater for people based on their faith etc.) such as, OKcupid,com and, so make sure to go for the one that meets your specific needs. The site should also respect your information and keep it confidential in fact a good dating site should have a messaging system that its members use to contact themselves.

One of the best ways in which you can get to learn more about the site is by reading their user reviews. You should at least compare a few of them to see which one is best.

2) Avoid sharing personal information

Your personal information should be kept private and you should never share it with anyone at least until you have known the other person well and feel comfortable. Never share personal information such as your phone numbers, email address, your place of work and most of all not your home address. You can use a free email provider to create an email address which does not contain you personal information (not even your name) and this will help you keep your privacy.

3) Meet in public placesmiddle aged dating couple

After you have had several back and forth communications with your potential mate and you feel comfortable, you can make arrangements to meet face to face. Never meet a stranger (even if you have chatted for a long time) at a secluded place or even at a residence. A person may be acting very noble when chatting with you online but in reality, he/she may be the opposite of that. This is why your first meeting places should always be in public places where you can easily leave if need be.

When you are going to meet up with the person, it is a good idea to let a friend and/or family member know your plans (i.e. who, when and where you are meeting). You can even ask your trusted friend/family member to call you during the date and in case things are not going well, you can use the call as an excuse to leave.

I personally liked to meet at bars, not because I drink a lot, but generally you get less strange looks meeting a stranger at a bar than at a coffee shop. A coffee shop does feel safer though, I have to admit.middle aged dating couple

4) Make arrangements for your own transport

When meeting with your online date for the first time, you need to plan for your own transportation. You can either take a taxi, an Uber or drive yourself even if the other person offers to pick you up. Do not accept a lift from him/her to drop you home and do not even invite them to your home. You need to take some time to get to know the person well before you can share your address with them.

5) Listen to your instincts

Your instincts can not lie to you remember that, throughout your entire life you have used them to assess people so you should trust them. Dating is simply dating you are not obligated to stay if you feel uncomfortable. If you feel uneasy, then something is definitely not right and you should feel free to walk away.

If you are feeling unsafe, uncomfortable or you simply do not feel attracted to the other person, you can leave immediately. You do not have to give reasons for leaving because the other person’s opinion of you does not matter especially if you are not planning to meet them again. Also, you do not have to reply to any follow-up emails from that person and you can even block him/her if you do not want any further communications with them.

So Is Online Dating Safe?

Yes, if you take some steps you can insure that you will be as safe as you would in any other social gathering with strangers.

There are several people who are honestly looking for connections though online dating, however online scams are also there. For instance if someone asks you financial assistance when you are just starting to know him/her, then he/she is probably a scam and you should never agree to do that. Also, you need to take your time, your online communications can take as much time as you like until you feel free to meet face to face with the person.


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