Freaky Paragraphs To Send To My Boyfriend

It is every woman’s desire to be the one thing that her man thinks about even when she is not around. Do you want to be addictive to your man? If yes, then this is the right read for you. Men are usually intrigued by some bit of mystery. One way to do this is to get out of your comfort zone when texting on your iPhone or emailing him and give him a taste of that charming, dare-devil and addictive side of you that will leave him with a pleasant and frightening desire freaky paragraphs to send to my boyfriendto see you immediately. This you can do by use of hot, dirty, sexy messages especially when he least expects it. When you bring in the fun you through your mysterious and charmingly sexy texts, your man will be thinking about you as a sexy goddess that he cannot get off his mind. Here are some freaky paragraphs that will seriously rock his world and leave you feeling like a genius girlfriend that gives him that pleasant surprised look on his face.

Freaky Paragraphs To Send To My Boyfriend

1. Paragraphs to make him think about touching you.
“You should be here touching me right here on my ______.
Do you like it when I touch myself here?
I am missing something in my life right now, You should be between my legs.”

“I really wish you were right here at ____, I am so horny.
Wanna know where I am touching myself right now?
Can you guess where my hands are stroking right now?”

2. Paragraphs to make him try to figure out what you have worn.
“What color of panties do you think I am wearing? Hint: your favorite color is ___.”

” Guess who is not wearing panties today?  I came out of the shower all wet and really had to text this hot guy I know. Imagine i didn’t even have time to put anything on.”

3. Paragraphs to show you are naughty.
“Confession: I totally deserve a spanking with a paddle because I have been naughty today. If only there was someone to spank me for that.
When I think about that I get so wet for you…”

” Come over here and ride me hard! I get so turned on thinking about you.”
I need to feel you in me so bad! I can’t wait for you to put it in me.”


“I just bought a new sex toy. I wish I had someone to help me try it out.”

4. Paragraphs to tease him about what you have planned for later.
“I need you to get to my house asap and if you behaved today, am saving a _______ for you. I know you have been thinking about ________ me all day.
Would you mind if i cooked in my nightgown for you?”

“If I promised to be your slave for the night, what would you have me do?
I have been thinking long and hard about what i want you to do to me tonight. Thinking about you makes me wanna _______ myself. Tell me all the places you want me to touch tonight because I can’t wait to see you!”


“I just bought some new lingerie. I wonder who would like to see me in it.”

5. Be explicit in your description.
Text him, “I miss the way you ______ and suck my ________.” or ” I love how you touch me. I am going to wrap my lips around your _________!”

Studies show that most people sext these days. It’s a way to tell the person that you are ready and willing to be with them. So don’t feel shy. Think your dirtiest thoughts and text away. Just be sure that you are texting to someone who wants to be texted to.

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