How To Send Sexting Messages To My Boyfriend

“Is there a secret on how to send sexting messages to my boyfriend?” You like many other mature and divorced women probably find yourself asking this question quite often. The truth is that a majority of divorced middle aged women face hardships when dating. This is because they have been out of the dating scene for a long time. In addition, what may have worked during their hey days may no longer turn on their current boyfriend. Not to worry though, the tips below will help you make your boyfriend want you more.

Sexting examples

Sexting can be graphic such as “I want to xyz with you tonight!” or it can be more flirty and subtle. I am a big fan of the double entendre with sexual innuendo myself. If you are talking about a subject, there is almost always a way to make a dirty pun. When I was dating I sexted with a guy for 3 years and we always came up with new plays on words every day.  Use “;)” after the innuendo so he knows you are flirting. Make ample use of the word “suck” in your conversation.

Other simple examples of dirty texting:

“I want you”

“I can’t wait to kiss you all over”

“I’m getting a pedicure” if he has a foot fetish

“I just got done with a shower and am lying naked in bed”

Talk about your favorite things to do in bed. This serves to help communication as well.

If you two have smartphones than send him a link to your new favorite porn video if you have one. There are ones made for women that are more romantic than the ones for men.

Shop for a new sex toy or lingerie online and text him about the selections.

Read a book such as The Joy of Sex: The Ultimate Revised Edition and talk about what new thing you learned and want to try

I don’t recommend ever sending dirty photos of yourself, but many women enjoy this. I guess you have to decide if it is worth the risk to you. If you do, it is best not to include your face.

This link has some more examples

Tips on How to Send Sexting Messages to My Boyfriend

Yes, it is true that during your early pre-marriage days, texts were hardly used. In fact, it seemed rather awkward or unconvincing to send sexy texts to your ex-husband when things were bad. Welcome to the age of sexting. Today, people are opting to send a text rather than call. I didn’t sign up for unlimited dating until I got separated and men wanted to text me all the woman textingtime.  You should therefore acknowledge that sending sexy texts is part of the modern dating scene. The first step is for you to embrace and appreciate this technique. This is the only way you will feel comfortable and not embarrassed when sending your boyfriend the text that will have him yearning to be close to you. After all, if it’s working for the younger or unmarried people why it shouldn’t work for you?


Understand Your Man’s Mindset on texting

Truth be told, sending a sexy text is much easier than calling your boyfriend to arouse his desire. This especially applies to women who are a bit reserved when it comes to expressing themselves sexually. Nonetheless, men are not all the same and will react differently when they receive the texts. Some will immediately jump with excitement and will be calling you back in the next second. Others will be a bit lost for words as the sexy texts make you appear bold and more confident of yourself. It is therefore vital to first understand your man. Does he easily get aroused or he prefers being let in slowly by slowly?

Timing Is Crucial with Sexting

Men are naturally wired to be turned on or aroused by sexy texts. As a matter of fact, many men will completely change their mood simply because they have received the text. However, since your goal is to have him wanting you and thinking only about you, it helps to know when to send the text. Can you imagine the effect of the sexy text when he is in the middle of a meeting or a brainstorming session? When learning how to send sexy messages to my boyfriend it is vital to ensure he receives it when he is relaxed or not under pressure.

Send It to the Right Recipient

Many a times, divorced women feel disheartened or saddened when their boyfriend doesn’t reply to the text or even call back. It is only after they look to see if he responded that she realizes that she sent it to the wrong person. On my third date after separation I sent a text to my realtor saying “I think you are smart and sexy”. Luckily I had just been telling him about starting to date again and I caught it right away and explained!  It is critical to take time and go through the text before sending and MAKE SURE IT IS GOING TO THE RIGHT PERSON. You want to make certain it will tickle his fancy and sexually arouse him. But most importantly, you need to make sure your boyfriend actually receives it. Not your boss, or your ex-husband, or any other person.

Use Alternative Services besides regular texts

Since my boyfriend and I both have smartphones, ather than using texts with my boyfriend, I use Google Hangouts. This service has a unique tone and there is less chance of me sending the wrong message to the wrong person since I he is the only one I send to there. I

In addition to the above guidelines, you should also use different styles and techniques; avoid going overboard or pestering your boyfriend with too many texts all sent almost at the same time. I have this problem and it drives my boyfriend nuts!

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