Why Is My Boyfriend Not Giving Me Quality Time?

If you are wondering “Why is my boyfriend not giving me quality time?” the answer might be “He’s just not that into you

For women who are finding it difficult to really understand what your significant other is thinking or feeling, if they aren’t sharing intimate details, don’t spend much time with you, or tend to blow you off for other activities, it might be a sign that he simply isn’t that into you. So, what does it mean when boyfriend not giving me quality time together? Basically, it means he really is not as interested as you are in this relationship, he doesn’t see a future in it, or he is simply not ready to commit to one person just yet. It may be too early in a relationship to tell; if it is a young relationship (only a couple of months) you may want to give it some time. But, if it has been a while which you have been dating (5 to 7 months or  boyfriend not giving me quality timelonger) and he still doesn’t have time for you, this may be a sign things simply aren’t working out.

If a guy is serious, this article suggests some things you will see are:


Signs it’s serious

1. Meeting the parents

2. Exchanging house keys

3. Planning a holiday together

4. Discussing plans for the future

5. Being invited to family gatherings

6. Saying ‘I love you’

7. Staying overnight at each other’s houses

8. Signing Christmas / Birthday cards together

9. Seeing each other at least every other night

10. Leaving a toothbrush at each other’s house

11. You tell each other absolutely everything

12. Letting them take care of you when sick

13. Being introduced to wider friendships circles

14. Discussing how many children you might want in the future

15. Buying a dog or cat together

16. Driving each other’s cars

What should you do boyfriend not giving you quality time

If he is never around when you need him, or if he simple does not want to spend the time you want to spend together in building a relationship? For some women, this is a sign that it is time to move on, and to look for someone who is truly interested and wants to work things out with you. For those who are “still not sure,” consider a few of these factors to help you start getting over the relationship:
1. Keep your online dating profile open. Just because you are “casually” dating, doesn’t mean you are taken. This is even more so the case when the person you are with never has time for you.
2, Find other people to spend time with. If he won’t give you the time of day, find someone who will and is interested in you.
3. The Rules Of Dating say if  it has been two years than just  ask him. Sometimes it is best to just cut ties by finding out the truth. It saves you time, heartbreak, and energy, and allows you to move on with a clean slate to a new relationship.
You want an individual who is as committed as you are to making the relationship work. With this said, if he is just not there when you need him, if he never has time for you, or if he is constantly telling you he needs space or time to be alone, why would you want to keep torturing yourself?

Moving on means freeing yourself from something that is never going to work, and relieving yourself from the potentially damaging relationship you are currently in. By allowing yourself time to get away from the person who doesn’t want to be with you, it allows you to find happiness with an individual who does want to be with you. A relationship should be 50/50. It should be both parties working as hard as possible to make things work, to find time for one another, and to find ways to make things work well, even if there are difficulties along the way. If this early on in the relationship you are the only one working to make it work, it simply isn’t meant to be, and you should free yourself from a hindrance, and a relationship which is simply never going to work.

Regardless of the amount of time you have been together, or how much you try to “force” him to spend time with you, if he constantly pushes you away, doesn’t have time, or always makes excuses, it is best to just cut your losses, and to move on to a new, and better relationship. Not only is this unhealthy relationship causing you pain, it is one which will continue in the same circle, which will never truly work out.

If you are always wondering why he doesn’t answer calls, always says he is busy, and never wants to spend time together, there is a reason – “He simply isn’t interested.” If you are currently trapped in one of these unhealthy relationships, simply find a way out. Keep an online dating profile, look for people who are interested in you, and take the time to find someone who truly enjoys your company, and wants to be around you as much as possible.

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