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In the books The Rules For Dating Series, the authors repeatedly stress their theory that a woman needs to wait for a man to hit on her first because men have VERY specific body types that they like and can never become more attracted to a women by getting to know her and liking her like a woman can with a man.  This also saves time from having to randomly hit on men until a woman finds one whose type they are.  Men are attracted to the physical aspect of a woman first according to several dating book authors.

I just saw wedding photos of a friend’s daughter’s ex-husband and the new bride had the IDENTICAL body type. Wow. She is short, medium wide, extra curvy, medium fat percent and reddish haired. Yet more proof that that theory was correct.

My friend and I were talking about how many times you had to hit on a guy based on this theory but I had no idea what the theoretical number of body types were for women.

So here are my calculations for

How many body types there are:

1. Height

Short, Medium, Tall

2. Width

Narrow (Lanky, Small Bones and Muscles), Medium, Wide (Stocky, Large Bones and Muscles)

3. Fat Percent

Lean, Average, High


Flat, Medium, Round


Flat, Average, Large


Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

7.Waist Length

Short (longer legs), Medium, Long (shorter legs)


So we have 7 characteristics with 3 choices each. That is 3 to the 7th power =


Let’s do a reality check on this:

There’s probably only 10,000 men single on my online dating sites at any one time in my age range in my town so if there were 2000 types that would mean only 5 of them would want my combo of type and hit on me.  That is not right.

My guess is it is closer to 3 to the 3rd, 4th or 5th (27, 87 , 245); the latter would be 40 men attracted to me at any one time and the former would be 114 or 370.  Based on my hits over the past 6 months, roughly a few per week, I would say that

87 body types

would be more correct.  That means men probably pick 4  traits to focus on usually; probably height, width, color and curviness (fat percent).  It’s hard to say for sure.

Read my theory of why men have such a specific body type and women do not.


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