Dirty Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

What are some Dirty Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend?

Have you ever played Mad Libs as as child, or as an adult? Below are some sexting mad libs for you to use when sexting your boyfriend. You’re creating  fun suggestions via text and email.

woman texting sexy messages to her boyfriend

 How to sext

You need to get creative with your words. Wordplay is what you need to do, especially when all you want him to think about are the sexual and passionate things you want to do together. When composing a sexy message that you want to send to his email, or through sms, think about Mad Libs. Think sexy Mad Libs.

Sexy Text Messages

I forgot to wear my __________ . I just realized. My favorite one is in your suitcase. I placed it there on purpose so that you can ________ me later.

I’m having cherries for lunch. I remember when we _________ at ______ ? It makes me want to ________ on this ______ I’m eating.

Sexy Email Messages

I rarely _________ myself. But the way you did it to me last night, makes me want to __________ myself hard. I just feel that no matter how hard I try to ________, I won’t be able to _________ as much as you do. So during my lunch break, I had to get into one of these empty cubicles. Have I told you I’m not wearing __________? It’s quite convenient for _________. I _______ so hard. I _________. I’m temporarily satisfied, but I’ll have to see you tonight. I’m sure you’ll do it way better with your ___________.

My hair’s all messy. I remember that way you gripped on my hair last night when we were _________. It made our __________ much more exciting. I’m thinking about you right now, and I find myself gripping my own hair. And now I’m all ________ just thinking about you.

I can’t wait to see you and ______ all over your _____.  I love it when you  _______ and _____ my _____, the way you did _____. I have been reading about  ____ and would like to try and _____ next time we see each other.

These are just a few samples that you can work with. Of course, it’s going to be a lot easier to create them as you go. After all, these are all based on your steamy experiences with your guy. Make those messages count until you see your guy again.

Why It Is Good To Send Dirty Paragraphs To Your Boyfriend

Recent studies show that about 80% of all people have sexted in the last year.  There are certain rules to dating. As a woman, a certain behavior or decorum is expected of us in public. That makes it a little difficult to express ourselves naturally, especially when we are sexually attracted to someone. Thanks to technology, we can be ourselves and be discrete at the same time.

If you just had a wonderful, sexy time with a guy, what would you do to let him know you still want to keep doing the things you are doing? Answer? Send in those dirty paragraphs to your guy and make sure he receives it in his email or texts. There may be rules in dating, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bend these rules a little and have fun. Writing sexy texts and emails to your guy keeps the fire burning. It makes you want to see more of each other.  Get out your sexy lingerie and write away.

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