Detrimental Beauty: How Looks Can Hurt Women

Detrimental Beauty: The 8 Ugly Truths of Being Beautiful

We often admire beautiful women every where we go. Sometimes when we see one, we even take a second glance. Beauty indeed is captivating. But in our culture today, we often hear of negative news about women with good looks in the corporate world. Is this just bad publicity by their jealous coworkers? Is beauty really an asset in your career and your personal life? Is there such thing as detrimental beauty?

The beauty of a woman affects her career and relationships. Sometimes it even hurts her to the point of depriving her of opportunities to grow; this is detrimental beauty. Sad as it may seem, some psychologists even say that attractive job applicants have lower chances of being selected for the initial screening for a job.

Beauty may be a gift, but at times it becomes detrimental beauty. Good looks doesn’t always bring good things.
Psychological and economic research exposed 8 ugly truths of being beautiful.

What are some detriments to being beautiful?

1) Discrimination in job search

Researchers of a study on beauty discrimination during a job search concluded that their results showed that beauty distorts the hiring process. They found out that well qualified attractive candidates often are removed from the selection process.

2) Experiencing disfavor by evaluators of the same gender

beautiful middle aged womanAttractive women are unpopular to their evaluators of the same gender and who are less attractive. Sometimes it costs them lost job opportunities, higher positions, scholarships, and better offers. These beautiful women may impress their opposite-sex evaluators, but not the same-sex. Sadly, their good looks were used against them for no clear reason.

3) Their beauty threatens the self esteem of colleagues with average looks

It may sound petty and immature, but on the grounds of self esteem, some colleagues, especially those of senior positions, feel that they aren’t beautiful in the presence of attractive women. And so they’d rather choose to not accept them or have attractive women removed from the group. They are more comfortable in their absence, so that they have no feelings of insecurity.

4) Attractiveness to the opposite gender causes stalking and harmful responses

It is common for beautiful women to be admired by the opposite gender. However, there are times that it becomes unhealthy when the admirer gives too much attention to the point of stalking or harassing on the street. There are even worse scenarios, when admirers become obsessed to the woman’s beauty and attempt disrespectful actions. This becomes a threat to women, that must take legal actions for their own protection.

5) Perceived to be a liability in some jobs

There are types of jobs which are masculine in nature, that makes beautiful women a form of liability, instead of being helpful. For example, a good looking woman prison guard, may always be in danger in her job. She may be a source of attention and her authority may not be easily recognized at work. Similar scenarios happen in careers that are dominated by men, such as engineering. Instead of focusing on the actual work, the male-dominated staff is distracted by the attractiveness of their beautiful coworker.  It is not legal to discriminate on looks but this still does happen despite the law on occasion.

6) Misconception of all beauty, but no brains

For some people, they think that a beautiful woman has just got the looks but without the intelligence. Should the pretty lady achieve something high and honorable, they still regard that she reached her accomplishment by using her pretty face to score points with her boss. She is misjudged of her capabilities and talents. Again, study shows that it is usually the same-sex that perceives attractive people as unintelligent and less capable.

7) Undervalues career potential

Good looking women have the same career potential as anybody else who perseveres and works hard. However, some employers undervalue what they can do because of their beautiful face. Their good looks act like a blinder to their abilities. They are put to the test and they really have to prove themselves worthy.

8) Social rejection

Generally, beautiful women become prominent wherever they are. But there are cases that, their attractiveness can cause them to be rejected socially. People make fun of them and stay away from them all because of jealousy. They are jealous of what the attractive person has and which they don’t have, her beauty. Those who are in relationships also ignore attractive women as a form of protection.
Now we know that beauty is not always beautiful, not in the case of being at a disadvantage because you are not like everybody else. We found out that attractiveness can cause threats to others, to our work, to our relationships. Well, beauty is a gift. If it becomes something that is detrimental, then we need to protect ourselves from it.


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